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Before and after photos 1000's below and 1000's more photos during restorations on our Facebook and Instagram sites.  

Browse through our photo gallery, which contains “Before” and “After” images of our previous restorations. We even have a photo of Boyd Coddington with the Silver Nova that came to us after three body shops couldn't get it right. We overhauled poor metal/ body work, painted, polished & delivered. Next it wound up on "American Hot Rod" show!

Don't suffer at another body shop waiting for them to work on your project, sitting in, "Body Shop Jail" Bring it to us and we'll get it done for you in record time! WE WILL MAKE YOUR CLASSIC LOOK NEW AGAIN! 

Whether you have a Classic or Hot Rod, See our Before and after photos gallery below or see our Facebook and Instagram accounts for real-time updates of current projects...Friend us or Follow us & see whats in our shop!

Race Cars, Helmets and other Custom Paint projects... 

Custom Mirror-Like Finishes

For inquiries, get in touch with us today!